Ziba Berlin Doner brings German street food to Toronto's east end

Photo:  Ziba Berlin Doner

Photo: Ziba Berlin Doner

From the streets of Berlin to the streets of Toronto, the east end has a new destination for German street food.

Ziba Berlin Doner is a new restaurant that will soon be turning out plates of döner (usually spelled “donair” in Canada), falafel, salads and what they’re claiming will be the first-ever fusion döner kebab in Toronto.

“Döner” means turning or rotating in Turkish and this street delicacy is popular all over the world. Ziba Berlin Doner says it’s using premium meat flavoured with spices, herbs and homemade sauces and wrapped in Turkish pide bread that is crispy on the outside and fluffy inside.

The eatery is promising that the menu items will be affordable, made-to-order and locally sourced when possible.

Ziba Berlin Doner is set to open soon at 1608 Queen St E. Check out zibadoner.ca for more.