Torq Ride opens spinning studio in Leslieville

Photo:  Jim Ryce

Photo: Jim Ryce


Somewhere in between Tae Bo and the rise of pilates, spinning was a trendy gym class in the late '90s that seemed to fizzle out shortly into the 2000s. When most fitness fads die, they get left in the dust. In recent years, however, a spinning renaissance is taking hold with the opening of pocket studios exclusively dedicated to indoor cycling.

Torq Ride, recently launched at Queen and Carlaw in Leslieville, is the latest boutique studio for spinning enthusiasts to get their stationary groove on. The consciously designed studio space features 36 Stages bikes and about 30 classes a week.

Torq has brought on a roster of some of the city's most revered and technique-driven instructors, plus bikes that allow riders to monitor performance metrics including RPM and watts. The session is then summarized in a post-ride email, giving riders the chance to keep track of their workouts.

Local owner Julie Mitchell, who also runs branding house Parcel Design, brought the studio to life along with a team of industry consultants. Hitting all the checkmarks for the modern fitness standard — stylish look and feel, incredible sound system and cycling workouts designed for max results — is all part of her vision. 

"A lot of time was spent considering what makes for a great indoor cycling workout when designing the space, and determining the right equipment to use,” Mitchell says. “Our instructors put a lot of energy into developing effective workouts, and it was important to ensure that all the elements were in place to boost performance.

"From the choice of using the highly-effective Stages bikes, to consultation on sound, and high-efficiency ventilation, all pieces of the puzzle were thought out in multiple iterations."

Mitchells adds that while Torq's focus is best-in-class indoor cycling, the overall business will be driven by strong hospitality.

"The total space is 1,900 square feet and about a third of that is dedicated to our beautiful indoor cycling studio — no neighbours directly above, below or on either side."

Classes at Torq are $22 when purchased as a single ride, and a renewable five pack can be had for $89. An unlimited membership for one month is $189, and, if you commit to 12 months, the rate is $169 per month. With every ride, spinners get a sweat towel, access to water ‘on tap’ and to a locker, plus the post-ride email charting performance numbers. Rides can be booked up to 10 days in advance and you choose and reserve the specific bike you wish to ride on.

Torq Ride is now open at 978 Queen St. E. Visit for more info or to book a ride.