Tiny Record Shop and Token reopen in new Riverside location

Photo:  Tiny Record Shop / Token

Photo: Tiny Record Shop / Token

One of the east end’s most popular record stores and its gift ship counterpart has reopened in a new location.

Tiny Record Shop and Token are now live at 777 Queen St. E.

At the front of the retail location, Token has expanded its selection of eco-friendly gifts and everyday items, with a renewed emphasis on supporting the zero-waste movement. Maintaining its small but mighty footprint at the back, Tiny Record Shop’s interior was custom designed to house what is recognized as one of the best selections of vintage and new vinyl in the city.

Formerly Elbers Antiques & Refinishing, the new space is only slightly bigger at 1500 sq. ft., with soaring ceilings and ample room for the in-store performances on Record Shop Day and more, which the retailers have become known for. 

“We are very excited to show off our new custom floor-to-ceiling vinyl display. A lot of our customers visit us on a weekly basis and we wanted to give just a little more space and light to make the hunt that much easier,” says Trevor Larocque of Tiny Record Shop. “We love being side by side with Token, as it makes us a convenient one-stop shop for gifting. While picking up that rare vintage record you’ve been looking everywhere for, get your mom a birthday card, and a candle at the same time.” 

Continuing at the new location, for one week each month, the shop celebrates a particular theme, from ‘90s hip hop to unusual soundtracks, the bins are stocked with unique finds according to a certain era, genre or artist.

Token specializes in thoughtfully sourced, well-designed, useful gifts, such as new diffusers and luxurious scents by Laboratorio Olfattivo, printed and woven textiles from Forest and Waves, and statement bath matts from Indaba. Inspired by waste-free mall ReTuna in Sweden, co-owner Nicole Babin seeks out unique items that promote a environmentally responsible, reduced litter lifestyle, such as walnut-shell scrubber sponges from Full Circle, reusable produce bags from ChicoBag, and travel coffee mug by Zojirushi. The shop also carries a wide selection of greeting cards, prints, and even onesies, by illustrators like Laura Szumowski, Wendy Tancock, and Jamie Ashforth.

The most exciting addition is the new Refill Station. Conscious of the environmental impact of disposable plastic bottles, Babin has introduced a convenient destination to refill reusable empty bottles with premium products.

Set to become a go-to for high-quality organic beauty and household cleaning products, the shop now carries shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer from favourite Vancouver brand Carina Organics, as well as dish soap, hand soap, and all-purpose cleaner from Montreal’s The Unscented Company. Anyone is welcome to bring in a clean, empty bottle, or buy a mason jars with pour spouts to fill, and is charged by the liquid mL. 

Both Tiny Record Shop and Token accept BTZ, an innovative digital currency introduced by the Toronto-based Bunz Trading Zone earlier this year, which can be accumulated by bartering for goods and services or using the Bunz app. For more information visit bunz.com/btz

Tiny Record Shop and Token are open at 777 Queen St. E., Toronto, Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Sunday 12 to 6 p.m.