The Sharing Depot aims to be Canada's first library of things

Need a tent for that Algonquin trip you swore to do this year? How about baseball gear for that once-a-summer family game? Or a karaoke machine and bartending supplies for an upcoming house party?

Soon, you might be able to simply borrow all of it as easy as renting a movie.

The team behind the Toronto Tool Library has just launched a crowdfunding campaign for The Sharing Depot, which they've dubbed as Canada’s first ‘library of things.'

If the Indiegogo campaign hits their goal to raise $30,000, Torontonians can expect a new community hub where members have access to a wide range of things without owning or storing them. Through this sharing economy model, items can be used by many people over time and, eventually, reduce the amount of garbage we throw into landfills.

To start, The Sharing Depot will loan camping gear, board games and sports equipment, house party supplies and even kids toys so that you can experience life without the price tag or the clutter. Rather than dropping hundreds of dollars for something you might only use once or twice, you'll be able to save money and closet space from having to store, say, snowshoes, a fondue kit or Monopoly that you only really play that one rainy day.

The Sharing Depot will be the first of its kind in Canada and the largest of its kind in the to be open in the spring, according to founders. The plan for The Sharing Depot is to open in the spring above the Toronto Tool Library on the Danforth.

Since launching three years ago, Toronto Tool Library has loaned out over 25,000 tools to thousands of members at its four locations across the city. The team surveyed its members and dug in on research about what works in communities in Toronto and abroad to come up with a list of items best suited to The Sharing Depot.

The Sharing Depot memberships will range between $50 and $100 a year, and the plan is to offer a monthly swapping event for those wanting an alternative to consuming new products with things like clothes, books, art, music and jewellery.

If you’re interested in making a donation to this fundraiser, and getting in on some incredible perks for contributions of $10 all the way up to $5,000, check out The Sharing Depot Indiegogo campaign.