The Leslieville Flea taking part in final farewell bash at Honest Ed's

Photo:  MTLskyline/Creative Commons

Photo: MTLskyline/Creative Commons

If you haven't already heard, there's one final bash planned to say goodbye to Toronto's discount landmark Honest Ed's.

The Leslieville Flea will be one of many vendors participating in the farewell event for the iconic store at Bloor and Bathurst. 

The Centre for Social Innovation is organizing the massive multi-day going-away party — involving community groups, organizations, vendors, artists and more — that will pay homage to one of the most beloved buildings.

A key feature of the event is the Market City, which will bring together farmers markets, street and food markets, flea and antique markets, maker markets and art markets across Toronto all under one roof.

Look for the Leslieville Flea at the Honest Ed's Farewell bash Friday Feb. 24 and Saturday Feb. 25.

Check out our story on the event or head over to for more details and ticket info.