The Ceili Cottage closing after 10 years in Leslieville

Photo:  Dean Seguin

Photo: Dean Seguin

The Ceili Cottage has shucked its last oyster after 10 years in Leslieville.

A popular local and staple of Queen East, owner Patrick McMurray announced the news on social media that the Irish pub will close on Oct. 27.

“Thank you for 10 years of success in Leslieville,” McMurray wrote in a statement, which cites problems with reaching an agreement with the landlord as one of the reasons for the closure.

“The building itself is something we all love and has a special character but without the yurt and some updates, which the landlord will not allow, we are forced to close this location.”

Ongoing disputes with the building’s landlord were well publicized over Ceili Cottage’s run, including the permanent tear down of its Mongolian-made yurt, which was well-loved for its cozy and intimate atmosphere in wintertime.

McMurray is inviting patrons to come in for “one last pint, one last sticky toffee pudding and one last look at the place” this weekend.

McMurray said he’s actively searching for a new location, so stay tuned for the yurt to potentially pop up once again.