Drive-thru Starbucks now open at Leslie and Lakeshore

Photo:  Lauren Howard

Photo: Lauren Howard

After months of swirling rumours, Starbucks is now open at the corner of Leslie and Lakeshore.

Marked by what might be the world's biggest Starbucks sign, the coffee giant has revamped the former Burger King space and put in drive-thru service, a feature usually reserved for the suburbs and a first of its kind so close to downtown Toronto. 

The company closed one of its most unique but poorly performing locations in the city at Gerrard and Jones last fall, and word on the street is that the location kitty corner within the Canadian Tire complex will be shuttering as well. 

Leslie Street, one of the community's main gateways, now has both major coffee franchises flanking its entrance into a neighbourhood that is already jam-packed with coffee options from independent cafes to Toronto mini chains and local roasters.