Coming soon: Sprouts Maker Space & Tech Lab

Photo:  Sprouts Maker Space

Photo: Sprouts Maker Space

Sprouts, the indoor play centre for little nuggets, is opening a new space for older kids just down the street on Carlaw Ave. 

Combining art, technology, learning and collaboration, Sprouts Maker Space & Tech Lab will offer classes, camps and after-school programming in robotics, 3D printing, coding and woodworking for kids aged eight to 12. 

"Maker spaces provide hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build and invent as they engage in science, engineering, tinkering and artistic expression," says founder Emily Pengelly.

"Our space has been designed to accommodate a wide range of activities, tools and materials. Diversity and cross-pollination of activities are critical to the design, making and exploration process, and they are what set maker spaces and tech labs apart from single-use spaces."

Sprouts Maker Space & Tech Lab is slated to open Jan. 9. Visit for more info.