Jilly's wood salvaged for reclaimed furniture

reclaimed wood from jillys

Local eyesore Jilly's might've had its last dance a year ago, but soon you'll be able to buy and take home a piece of, shall we say, unique furniture built from the guts of its former glory (or, shame depending on how you look at it). 

Bread&Butter Designs, a Toronto-based reclaimed furniture company that specializes in wood walls, tables and benches, recently bought all of the old but still valuable material from the infamous strip club.

A deal was struck between Bread&Butter Designs and the construction firm overseeing redevelopment of the Broadview Hotel now owned by Streetcar Developments after owner Blake Shaver stopped by to chat with the site foreman. Shaver says he plans to salvage the floor joists to make reclaimed wood furniture. 

“I kept driving past the place and couldn’t help but envision all the wood that would eventually be burned, junked, or sent to the landfill,” Shaver says. "After closing a couple years ago we are extremely lucky for Jilly's to be giving us wood again!"

If you want to snap up a one-of-a-kind piece of neighbourhood history, get in touch with Bread&Butter or visit their Facebook page for more info and to see some examples of their work.