Rock Lobster closes, new snack bar taking its place

Rock Lobster Leslieville

Turns out the hype around their lobster claw caesar wasn't enough to keep Rock Lobster floating. The windows have been papered and doors shut to its Leslieville location at the corner of Queen East and Curzon. As previously reported, the restaurant was put for sale in August with a price tag of $250,000.

Though the listing indicates that the space is still currently for sale, word is that a new snack bar is moving into the space with an opening date set for Oct. 9. Talk about a quick turnaround. 

Going by the name of PO Box 1192, likely as a nod to its turn-of-the-century past life as a community post office, its social account says it's 'rustic' (yes, really) and will have 'Toronto's best' hip hop DJs playing Monday, Friday and Saturday nights. That theme might strike a nostalgic chord (or panic) in locals who remember The Curzon, the former party establishment which used to throw popular old school hip hop nights in the space before it became an east side outpost for Rock Lobster.