Do you have an awesome idea for a landmark Queen East building?


Think you've got the next big idea for a Queen St. E business to take off? One Toronto entrepreneur is all ears. 

The new building owner of 711 Queen St. E has launched a website to survey brilliant concepts for the prime real estate at Queen and Broadview. 

Dave — yes, just Dave — is looking to gather the community’s thoughts and business proposals for how to make this local landmark successful. 

"While I'm sure this location would suit the needs of a major food/coffee corporation, I thought I would do a little leg work to see if I can be involved in creating something special in this location," reads a statement on the website. 

The iconic Riverside building was once the long-time home to a branch of the Bank of Montreal from 1913-2016. In the last few years it's seen several tenants come and go, the most infamous of which was a cannabis dispensary shut down by a police raid

With all of the change that has already taken place and future development planned for this intersection, the building has the potential to offer something special for the neighbourhood. 

Do you have a great idea for this location? Check out Dave's website if you want to share your vision for the future of this historic building.