Pop Music launches record store for the masses in East Chinatown

Photo:  Pop Music

Photo: Pop Music

The revival of East Chinatown continues at an explosive pace as a wave of diverse businesses bring new life to the strip. 

The latest to join the fold is Pop Music, which recently opened on Gerrard St. E among the stretch of new businesses moving into the building at the southeast corner of Broadview Ave.

Self-proclaimed pop music lover Derek Antonio has opened a record store for fans of hit music. According to Antonio, the store represents all genres and styles of music that are popular. The scope goes beyond Top 40 but the focus does stick with the essentials. 

It's here that the likes of Beyonce and Metallica share shelf space with over 800 other popular titles — all on new vinyl only. 

In a blog post on the shop's website, Antonio details his philosophy behind the idea for the store as a hub for pop music fans "without judgement, arrogance or elitism, it's about celebrating who you love."

Antonio says eight years behind him as GM of HMV has given him the connections and insight to take an approach focused on the music customer. 

Beyond music, the shop carries T-shirts and other merch as well as turntables and other accessorties. Customers can also make special orders.

Pop Music Canada is located at 581 Gerrard St. E. Check out popmusiccanada.ca for more info.