Paint Cabin opens art studio and cafe-bar on Gerrard

paint cabin

Part art studio, part gallery and part cafe-bar, Paint Cabin is now open at Gerrard and Degrassi near East Chinatown.

The idea behind Paint Cabin is to come in and make art on your own or with friends in a relaxed, social environment with all of the ingredients you need to creatively express yourself. You can go freestyle or take a workshop in which an instructor will guide you through various techniques to create individual pieces.

Social painting isn't new to Toronto, but Paint Cabin looks to be taking the concept to the next level by introducing a multi-use space that will serve as an open art studio as well as a gallery in which they will present viewings and social opportunities with local artists.

Paint Cabin is offering a range of workshops in various skill levels using acrylic, watercolour, sketching, woodcut art and mixed media. There is also a cafe and licensed lounge for those loooking to expand their knowledge of wine, specialty coffees and local craft beer.

Paint Cabin is celebrating its grand opening this weekend with special free and priced events for both children and adults alike. Check out grand opening event details here.

Paint Cabin is located at 723 Gerrard St. E. Visit Paint Cabin's website or Facebook page for more information on the space and its programs.