Newlyweds lead wedding party dance through Leslieville streets

Photo:  Facebook

Photo: Facebook

There have been sisters singing medleys and synchronised groomsmen performances, but a local wedding has uplifted the spirit of the neighbourhood with a routine that involved the entire wedding party.

A local couple invited friends and family, along with everyone else in the neighbourhood, to share in their wedding day by dancing through Leslieville streets to the beat and rhythm of a brass band.

According to CTV News, Diana Wright and Evert Houston sealed their vows in their Leslieville backyard Sunday afternoon, before parading about 75 wedding guests through their house, out the front door and all the way to the reception restaurant.

Strangers and neighbours alike joined in on the procession, which garnered well wishes and a lot of buzz on neighbourhood social media.

Check out the video below, which was posted to Facebook by Sherry Lynn Petrie.