Milky Way Ice Cream parlour opens

milky way

Just in time to capitalize on this incredible stretch of sunny spring weather, Milky Way Ice Cream parlour is now open on Queen East. It's obvious not everything is in its place yet, and they're still in the midst of getting fully up and running, but the turnaround from dive bar to ice cream shop in a matter of a few weeks is impressive none the less.

The space is small and cute with a few spots to take a seat inside. Four Muskoka chairs line the street outside the shop so you can sit back while licking your cone and watching envious passersby. 

Scooping Kawartha Dairy flavours from two ice chests, there are plenty of creamy options to get your sweet fix on. You can feel good about it, too, with Milky Way's rather unusual yet admirable loyalty program. Buy 10 cones and you're not only treated to one on the house, but a tree will be planted on your behalf in an effort to offset the shop's carbon footprint. Ice cream headaches have never been so conscious. 

Milky Way is at 1026 Queen St. E. Hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., every day of the week.