Mean Bao opens in Leslieville

Mean Bao

Mean Bao is now open in Leslieville at Queen and Carlaw in the former Back of House space. If you're thinking, well, that was quick, well, that's because it was — Mean Bao wasted no time setting up shop. Word of its impending arrival went from whispered rumours to fully up and running in the span of less than a month, which is impressive for a restaurant makeover to say the least. 

Mean Bao's third location (the other two being in the west end) is a mix of take-out counter and sit-down eatery. Voted best bao in Toronto by BlogTO, the menu here is all about the fluffy bao sandwiches stuffed with savoury fillings. From pork belly and braised beef to tofu and enoki mushroom, there are seven different options from which to choose. Each bao comes topped with a mixture of peanuts, cilantro and black sugar.

Mean Bao

The menu at Mean Bao also has such dim sum staples as shrimp and pork dumplings as well as small plates of sticky quinoa and cold noodles. 

Mean Bao is located at 181 Carlaw Ave, just north of Queen. Hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day of the week. Visit for more info. Stay tuned for a full restaurant review to come.