Leslieville's Sandy Aleksander for sale for $50,000

Photo: Matt Forsythe

Photo: Matt Forsythe

Want to get your hands on all the charcuterie and cheese you can handle? Leslieville's Sandy Aleksander is listed for sale. 

The fine food emporium, which first opened on Queen East in 2013 and has become known for its friendly faces as much as its epicurean specialties, is being sold turn-key by local realtor Spring Realty.

According to Spring, the business has just over $68,000 in hard assets — plus the brand name — for an all-up price tag of $50,000. There are two years remaining on the current lease term. 

Partners in business and life, William Hubacheck and Max Ryan, posted about the decision to sell Sandy Aleksander on Facebook.

"Back in the fall of 2014, my life partner Max Ryan and I also became business partners as we took on the great project of Sandy Aleksander," Hubacheck says. "Less than a year into this adventure, I was diagnosed with a late stage cancer. The ongoing treatment and subsequent side effects have effectively sidelined my contributions to our joint venture, leaving an extraordinary burden on Max to do the work of both of us — and them some.

"For what time we're allowed together going forward, we'd like to spend as much of it as possible in the company of each other, family and friends. And maybe a little bit of travel, too."

What a pleasure it has been to get to know so many of the wonderful people here in Leslieville — and Riverside, Cabbagetown, The Beach and parts further," adds Ryan. "This neighbourhood is truly a unique village and and its residents are bold, passionate and, most of all, caring. I have made many dear friends here and look forward to continuing our friendship well into the future. Thank you for your custom, your support and for being the wacky Villains I've grown to adore."

Visit Spring Realty's listing page for more information, and contact the agency for the full financial package and details.