Leslieville's infamous Hells Angels clubhouse for sale

Photo:  Google

Photo: Google

No wives, no murders: These were the only two rules at the former Hells Angels clubhouse in Leslieville. Now, you could have the chance to adopt the mantra as your own. According to the Toronto Star, the infamous building is being put up for sale by the federal government.

The Hells Angels' Leslieville operations were shut down, and their Eastern Ave. clubhouse seized in a high-profile police raid in 2007. Eight years after it all went down, the building is soon to be put up for sale with a listing on MLS within a couple of weeks.

In between Logan and Carlaw Ave., the two-storey cement-block bunker is built like a fortress, and according to the Star, it sits on a 30-by-120-foot property and has two sets of steel front doors and windows barricaded with wire.

People often come by to take photos of the former clubhouse, it's door still visibly displaying the notorious Hells Angels' winged skull logo.

It's certainly an iconic, if infamous, piece of local lore, and although it doesn't fit in with the usual mix of semis, condos and townhouses available on Toronto's real-estate market, it's unique story will likely appeal to some buyer with niche and adventurous tastes.