Left Field Brewery and Tiny Record Shop join for pop-up of vinyl and beer

leftfield brewery x tiny record shop

Like PB & J, Batman and Robin and monkeys in cowboy outfits, some things in life were just made to go together. Beer and music is among the holiest of pairings, for obvious reasons, and certain brews naturally lend themselves to certain styles of music. Heck, there's even an entire website devoted to the pairing of drinks and tunes. Music makes beer taste better, and beer makes music sound better — plain and simple. It's science, actually.

Left Field Brewery and Tiny Record Shop recognize the power of sheer synergy between beer and music, and that's why they're joining forces in collaboration. On Sunday Nov. 29, Tiny Record Shop will be popping up in Left Field Brewery in a teamwork event that will feature the best of both shops — incredible vinyl and craft beer, of course — right on the production floor.

Drink beer and dig for records. It's a match made in heaven, and a concept that really doesn’t get any better. Actually, it does: PS I Love You will also be throwing down a DJ set.

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