Knocking off your to-do list? There's an app for that

Do you ever feel like your to-do list never ends? Let's face it, life is busy. But a new Toronto-based app wants to help you knock down your day-to-day.

JustGotThat!, now available for free on the App Store and Google Play, connects you to local services that fit your schedule.

This fall has been especially unkind to the inside state of my car, not to mention the grimy exterior, so I figured I'd put JustGotThat! through the paces by making an appointment to get my car cleaned and detailed.

After opening the app, it was as easy as a quick account setup and then searching and selecting for available detailing services. You choose the best time, book it and just like that you're back to your day. 

Within a few moments of launching the app, I'd made an appointment with Detailing Knights. The mobile waterless detail service came right to my house on time and I didn't have to leave my place, get in my car or even make a call to get it done. Convenience — that's the No. 1 reason JustGotThat! is worth a download.

The service was immaculate, my car was restored to showroom beauty, and so I left a positive review for future users who might think of doing the same. With customer ratings and reviews, JustGotThat! is driven by transparency, so there's choice based not only on price and convenience but also the past experiences of other users. 

Whether you want your house cleaned, nails done or car repaired, the app connects you with with on-demand services in several categories including home maintenance, health and beauty, automotive and local services like cleaners and pest removal.  

Use promo code — goodhood — to receive a $10 credit towards your first service purchase.

Please visit for more information on the app and the services offered in your local area. 

* Please note this is a sponsored post.