Here's what the new Leslieville mural is going to look like

Design:  Elicser

Design: Elicser

The Leslieville mural at the corner of Queen East and Jones will soon be replaced with a paint-over of the above design by artist Elicser. Whether or not you like it is now irrelevant — this is what came of a (mostly civil) democratic exercise. We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief and take comfort in knowing the suspense is over.


After three design proposals were brought forward by a local committee for public vote, the neighbourhood has been in nail-biter mode ever since.

Who knew the fate of a faded, deteriorating painting could create so much buzz and capture the attention of the city? A beloved local landmark to be sure, but still just a wall on private property.

Yet the media descended on Leslieville with high-profile urgency. Coverage came from BlogTOCP24 and Inside Toronto among others.  Even the Toronto Star tried to get to the bottom of who created the original Alexander Muir mural — a mystery to all, it seems.  

According to Ward 30 councillor Paula Fletcher, Elicser's refreshed take on the old mural (yes, the the squatter is indeed Alexander Muir and not a homeless man) was "overwhelmingly selected."

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