Here's what the post-Jilly's Broadview Hotel will look like

broadview hotel

Major work is currently underway on the Broadview Hotel to remove the grime and filth of the Jilly's era as the building is set to become a boutique hotel with a restaurant and event space. While reno plans were released last fall, a new rendering has surfaced by way of a city heritage report that gives us a clearer picture of what's in store for the former strip club's future.

The rendering shows the revitalization of the building as well as a rear addition that juxtaposes the original Romanesque Revival architecture with a four-story modern glass cube. This add-on will provide the needed space for hotel rooms and other amenities Streetcar Developments has proposed for the building.

Overall support for the project has been positive, and it looks like the developer is making the right choices to keep the original character of this historic local landmark intact. What are your thoughts on these changes coming to Queen and Broadview?