Hastings Snack Bar shuts down after 53 years

hastings snack bar

After 53 years in business, Hastings Snack Bar is closing its doors for good. Owner John Chong is retiring from the life of a short-order cook and has shuttered his restaurant business.

On Hastings just off Queen, it was easy to miss the little Leslieville greasy spoon if you weren't looking for it. The classic, no-frills joint had a small but loyal clientele who came in for coffee and egg-and-ham sandwiches before heading to work. 

With an atmosphere and menu (or lack thereof) that harkened back to another era in the community, the place hadn't changed much, if at all, in its entire existence since opening in 1963.

Regulars knew Hastings Snack Bar for keeping what could've been the earliest, shortest window of hours in the neighbourhood. The snack bar was open weekdays only from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.