Hailed Coffee brings Arabic aromas to Gerrard

Hailed Coffee is now open along a stretch of Gerrard with not a lot of other caffeine sources.

The airy, minimal cafe serves coffee derived from locally roasted high-grade beans, and infuses its drinks with an in-house specialty — the Hailed shot.

The cafe specializes in Arabic coffees and teas. Hail in Arabic is cardamom, and owner Salim Bamakkrama says it's added to the coffee tp create a unique smoothness and aroma.

"Cardamom is an essential ingredient in Arabic coffee, and it is this heavenly pairing that we are drawing on," he says. "In striving for an exciting fusion of cultures and ingredients, we infuse our drinks on request with our Hailed shot, a cardamom syrup prepared in house from fresh fine cardamom pods."

Along with the usual lineup of espresso drinks, Hailed Coffee has various Arabic and Turkish coffee and tea drinks, plus pastries and cheeses.

The cafe also carries a range of dates that pair with its drinks, each with a unique flavour and texture.

Hailed Coffee is located at 801 Gerrard St. E. The cafe is in soft opening mode with daily hours from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.