Good Samaritan buys 100 coffees for strangers at Grinder Coffee

Grinder Coffee

Christmas spirit has touched Toronto's east end after a customer of Grinder Coffee bought coffee for 100 strangers.

The local cafe on Gerrard St. E had a break-in on Dec. 17 that shut the business down for the day to deal with the mess at the start of the holiday rush.

After news about the break-in spread on social media, a customer came in to support the cafe by buying 100 coffees for random strangers. 

"A giant pay-it-forward action!" says owner Joelle Murray. "She wanted to help Grinder out after hearing about the recent break-in. Her only motivation was to help out a small business during the holiday season after a stressful week. We really are so moved by her generous gift. Thank you so much for the kindness."

Word of the kind deed has spread throughout the entire city and Global News and BlogTO have picked up on the good news.