Five best spots to cure a hangover in Leslieville and Riverside

Photo:  Dean Seguin

Photo: Dean Seguin

It’s 10 a.m., the morning after last night. The stream of sun that infiltrated your room from beneath the curtains burns your sandpaper eyes. Your mouth tastes like salt or sugar — or both — and all of the water in the Great Lakes could not rehydrate you. Yes, you should've called it after one drink. No, you didn’t need to go to the after party. Yet here you are in all of your hangover glory — you might as well make lemonade, if you know what I'm saying.

The one silver lining of being hungover is that it affords you the opportunity to indulge in the best bad foods you might otherwise forbid yourself. Bury last night’s regrettable decisions beneath bacon grease or beef gravy and enjoy every last bite, guilt-free. High in calories, low in nutrients, these five east end joints serve up the best carb-loading options to soak up the remnants of last night’s debauchery.  

Rashers is a Queen East take-out spot that pays serious homage to all things bacon, including Canadian- and British-style, smoked and beer-braised, and, of course, actors named Kevin. The small space offers limited seating inside and out (and by limited, it seats six total), but perhaps the comforts of one’s own bed is where Rashers is best enjoyed. The brie and bacon ($10) will cure whatever may ail you, and the Hogtown sandwich ($7.50) with egg and cheese (add an extra buck for each) takes traditional breakfast and makes it conveniently hand-held. The sandwiches are hearty and delicious, providing enough sustenance to carry you through your Netflix marathon.  
948 Queen St. E


You need strong coffee, quick service and an all-day breakfast card — good thing OK OK Diner specializes in hangover cure-alls. Sit in a plush booth or hang out on a stool and make small talk with the folks behind the bar at this restored diner that absolutely nails the '50s aesthetic. Hunker down on stacks of buttermilk pancakes, a club sandwich that rivals the best in the city and huevos rancheros, an OK OK signature, made with three scrambled eggs topped with mozza and monterey jack cheese and spicy black beans, then wrapped in a tortilla, grilled and topped with guacamole, sour cream and salsa — phew! If you like to keep things easy like Sunday morning, it's hard to go wrong with the taste and value of two eggs, hash browns, toast and choice of breakfast meat for $5.99.

1128 Queen St. E

What began as a temporary stand in Kensington Market is now the pride of Leslieville — especially when it comes to heavenly hangover grub that's far too tempting to resist indulging. Completo has built a loyal following for churrasco sandwiches, hard-shell tacos and steak fry boxes topped with eggs. It's a small space that has counter seating for a handful of people, but the outdoor patio will allow you to get a bit of air while you chow down and return from the dead.

5 Coady Ave.
A gas station might not be the first location that comes to mind when seeking out food to stuff your face with in the hopes of feeling better, but there's more than meets the eye to this country-style kitchen. In addition to its convenient general store (Advil and Gatorade are available for purchase), the Pumps offers delicious southern favourites such as bacon corn fritters ($4.99) and pulled pork ($8.75), coated in the Pump’s house-made barbecue sauce. The loaded poutine with beef brisket chili ($10.61) is the ultimate indulgence that shouldn’t be skipped, unless of course you had your fill at 3 a.m because they're open then, too.   
929 Queen St. E

Dan doesn’t lie; The burgers are truly bigger at the Double D. Located on the northeast corner of Broadview and Queen, this burger shop's exterior might not be the most inviting, but it’s the brash attitude and haphazard decor that add to the gratification. Not for the faint of heart, The Elvis ($6.40) is a one-of-a-kind savoury and sweet combination of peanut butter and banana you won’t find anywhere else. And the appropriately named Big Kevorkian ($7.50) may be the solution to your troubles when you see the Facebook tags start to roll in.  
714 Queen St. E