Dundas & Carlaw now has a curling sheet on its patio

Photo:  Street Curling

Photo: Street Curling

With winter well on its way, it means patio season has pretty much been put to bed. But one Leslieville cafe is extending the life of its patio for the cold months ahead. 

Dundas & Carlaw has put down a "curling rink" on its outdoor space for a little recreational rock-and-broom action this winter. That's right, you can now add a side of curling to your coffee or pint. 

"This has garnered a lot of interest, people are excited at the prospect of being outdoors and active” says Ruben Vina of Dundas and Carlaw. "With charity programs, kid-friendly events and leagues spots are already filling up, this should be a great addition to the Toronto to-do-list this winter."

The newly installed curling sheet is not made of ice, but rather a synthetic material produced by Toronto-based Street Curling. The material allows stones to travels down a sheet in a similar fashion to a stone on real ice. 

You can get your hurry, hurry hard-on now: The iceless curling rink is available for booking for $28.25 for a half-hour or $40 for a full hour.

Dundas & Carlaw is offering curling and beer combos as well as family packages with free hot chocolate and space heaters for spectators if needed.

Throughout November, the cafe is hosting Mustache Curling League in support of Movember. Mustachioed players in teams of four are playing Tuesday and Thursday evenings throughout the month. 

Check out the curling rink booking page for more info on prices, packages and a calendar of dates and times.