Don Valley gondola proposed to connect Danforth with Brick Works

Don Valley gondola

One day you might be able to float over to the Everygreen Brick Works high above the busy freeway and canopy of trees blanketing the Don Valley.

A gondola, dubbed the Don Valley Cable Car, is being proposed as a means of connecting the Brick Works — and its markets, cafe, workshops and ravine trails — with the Danforth.

Local company Bullwheel International Cable Car Corp. has put forward the lofty idea as both a tourist draw and a practical transportation option for residents to access the area.

According to the Toronto Star, some 500,000 visitors come to the Brick Works by car each year, and a gondola would help relieve traffic congestion while opening up the area to the rest of the city.

From a gondola station on the Danforth close to Broadview subway station, the cable cars would make the one kilometre trip down the Don Valley in about eight minutes to the west parking lot of the Brick Works. Heated eight-person gondolas fitted with bike racks would depart every 15 to 30 seconds from both stations.

The cost of the project, according to Bullwheel's estimates, would between $20- to $25-million that would pay for the required infrastructure including 40 cars, six towers, cables and stations. It would be built and operated without public money.

Bullwheel is planning to apply for city approvals after a public information session on March 8 at Estonian House at 958 Broadview Ave. Visit for more info.