Deserving family edges money for this Upper Beach house on the market

Photo:  Heaps Estrin

Photo: Heaps Estrin

When a house on Hastings Ave. in Leslieville recently sold for just shy of $1.8 million — $428,000 more than the asking price — it proved once again that money talks in Toronto real estate. 

But one east end home that recently hit the market won't be sold to the deepest pockets. Rather, it will go to a buyer with a strong sense of family, neighbourhood bond and community stewardship. 

The owner of the semi at 67 Glen Davis Crescent, near Kingston Rd. and Woodbine Ave., wanted the house to be passed on to a "deserving young family who will benefit from the neighbourhood and preserve and enrich the community,” according to its real estate listing.

Robert Rafos passed away last March, but as the Toronto Star reports, his wishes were to find the right fit for the house rather than just any buyer who could afford the 875,000 sticker price. 

Prospective buyers are being asked to submit a letter along with their bid,  explaining why they're worthy of ownership.   

His wishes are serious enough to have been included on the property’s feature sheet:

Glen Davis is a place where you know and socialize with your neighbours; it's where you raise children, it's where you make a family. He wants the children that are raised there to experience the benefits of growing up in a tight knit neighbourhood. Where people look out for one another, where people care. The community was the asset to him, not the property.

The lucky buyer will enjoy this bright, airy and versatile home, nestled into a quiet, upper beaches cul-de-sac.  Featuring generous room sizes, an eat-in kitchen and three spacious bedrooms. Built-in garage with separate entrance at grade; secluded terrace and elevated garden at rear.

Check out the full listing and prepare your most compelling "pick me" proposal.