Descendant Detroit Style Pizza opens in Leslieville

Photo:  Dean Seguin

Photo: Dean Seguin

After months of keeping passersby in suspense, Descendant Detroit Style Pizza has officially fired up its ovens and opened its doors to the neighbourhood.

The new Leslieville pizzeria is serving up Detroit's unique spin on the traditional pie. So, what makes a pizza characteristic of the Motor City? They're baked in a deep, square and very well-oiled pan that makes for a crunchy, chewy texture.

The 20-seat restaurant offers full pizzas in either small ($12 to $16) or large sizes ($20 to $28). Pick between simpler menu choices like a classic pepperoni or margherita made with grana padano or look farther down the list for something a little more adventurous. Descendant's take on the Hawaiian, for example, comes with shaved fresh pineapple, nduja sauce, lime-pickled red onion, pickled jalapeño and cilantro. The White Pie is topped with a mozza/brick blend with house ricotta, caramelized onion, toasted breadcrumbs and gremolata.

Look out for a full profile on Descendant coming soon. Meantime, peep their Facebook page here for more info and drool-worthy pictures of delicious-looking pizza. Descendant Detroit Style Pizza is located at 1168 Queen St. E.