Ceili Cottage yurt on tour, petition started to bring it back

Ceili Cottage yurt

File this one under neighbourhood pride: Someone has started a petition to bring back the yurt at Ceili Cottage.

Last week we reported that Ceili Cottage was losing its popular yurt, a local favourite to hunker down in during winter months. Apparently, Ceili Cottage's building landlord didn't like it. Well, that news didn't go over well with the yurt's fan, and now a petition has been started in support of the yurt. If you want to help try to save the yurt by convincing the landlord that it's well, a damn fine place for a winter pint, sign here.

Folks, you can't make this stuff up. Even if there is no changing the landlord's mind on the yurt's future at Ceili Cottage, this small movement is testament to the locals' neighbourhood pride. 

Meanwhile, since it would be a shame for a perfectly good Mongolian-made yurt to just sit around collecting dust, the yurt has been put on tour. Its first posting will be at Cafe Belong at Evergreen Brickworks.

If you want to follow the goings-on of the yurt, follow Ceili Cottage on Twitter and the hashtag #YurtTour2016.