Ceili Cottage embracing cold with ice rink and winter patio

Photo:  Patrick McMurray

Photo: Patrick McMurray

Winter has never stopped Ceili Cottage from keeping its outdoor patio area well-utilized during the cold season. In lieu of the pub's beloved yurt, which usually occupies the 90-seat space but has been moved to Cafe Belong amid a dispute with the building landlord, owner Shucker Paddy is bringing back the ice rink that Ceili Cottage was known for in the days before the yurt.

Assuming temperatures stay below freezing, the front patio facing Queen East will be flooded and turned into a miniature ice patch. Dubbed the Dinky Rink, expect curling matches and other hits of Canadiana winter — Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye, perhaps?

Ceili Cottage has also built the Polar Bear Lounge, complete with an outdoor fire pit, for those who love sipping hot drinks on chilly evenings.

Last time Ceili Cottage transformed its patio into an ice rink, it hosted evening curling matches and outdoor marshmallow roasts. Let's hope this revival calls for more of the same.