Faces of the Leslieville Flea: The Border Vintage


This summer, we're profiling familiar faces from the Leslieville Flea to learn how they got their start and what to expect from them at the market. 

Ahead of the July 7 market at Ashbridge Estate, we've checked in with Natalie from The Border Vintage, who sells vintage decor, housewares and basically “anything with a past that I think is cool.”


I always have to follow my passion and I want to set the example of following your passion for my daughter, Grace. She is my inspiration.


I recently found a Crams Imperial globe from the 1960s. I’ve found globes before but never one with slick hairpin legs and a killer brass meridian. Well, selling it remains to be seen. It will be at my next couple of markets. I believe vintage ends up where it belongs so if it sells it was meant to be. And, if not, I’m OK with that, too.


The globe!

Say hello to Natalie from the Border Vintage at the next Leslieville Flea at Ashbridge Estate on July 7 from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. For all the details, go to leslievilleflea.com.

The Leslieville Flea will also host Repairs Cafe, who will set up on the porch of Ashbridge Estate from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. This group of volunteers love to fix broken things, the repairs are free and folks may even learn how to fix the item themselves. Make sustainability a goal!

What's in a name? The story behind Beach eatery The Goof

Photo: The Goof

Photo: The Goof

Jennifer Lopez pulled up a seat here in Angel Eyes. So did Dennis Quaid in Frequency. Indeed, in a neighbourhood dotted with historic landmarks — Kew Beach Fire Hall and the Fox Theatre, to name a few — Garden Gate Restaurant, or the Goof as its universally known, is an institution in the Beaches.

The beloved eatery on Queen East has been a neighbourhood mainstay since 1952, packing in diners for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The story behind its name is a sweet one:  its old school neon sign reads "good" vertically and "food" horizontally. At some point, the "d" in "good" burnt out so that it read "Goo F" — the local shorthand has stuck ever since.

While the space was gutted and given a slick makeover in 2006 (the current owners aquired it in the 1990s), it held onto its retro neon sign, and every ounce of its charm.

The menu is heavy on nostaglia, too. Old school diner classics like hot turkey sandwiches sit alongside all-day breakfast, dim sum and a huge Chinese menu (the snow peas chicken is a standout).

The prices are cheap, the portions are massive and the staff are lovely. It has a gorgeous side patio, which offers prime people watching in one of the prettiest stretches of the beaches, at Beech Avenue.

The Goof is located at 2379 Queen St. E. Visit thegoof.menu for more info.

Bonjour Brioche celebrates 20 years of its French patisserie in Toronto's east end

Bonjour Brioche celebrates 20 years of its French patisserie in Toronto's east end

The lineups tell it all at Bonjour Brioche, the French bakery and brunch institution in Toronto's east end. Show up after 10 on the weekends and there's a crowd around the block willing to wait — even on a sub-zero winter morning — for a buttery pastry fix of flaky croissants, warm baguettes and quiche du jours. This is testament to the expertise, passion, detail and je ne sais quoi happening in the charming patisserie in which owners Henri and Lori Feasson have been wooing locals and visitors for 20 years. 

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How to put together Thanksgiving dinner in Toronto's east end

How to put together Thanksgiving dinner in Toronto's east end

Whether you're hosting family and friends for a huge Thanksgiving production or want to celebrate the harvest by having someone else do the cooking and cleaning for you, we've put together seven ways to enjoy the holiday harvest and get everything you need — from the main course to dessert or skipping all of that to eat out — by staying local in Leslieville.

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