Brickyard Bistro revives the neighbourhood cafe at Gerrard and Greenwood

Photo:  Lénaïc Mercier/Brickyard Bistro

Photo: Lénaïc Mercier/Brickyard Bistro

Brickyard Bistro is the latest newcomer to Gerrard, a Toronto strip flush with revitalization and fresh, new ideas.  

Moving into the prime corner digs previously occupied by Brickyard Grounds, the new neighbourhood bistro pays homage to its predecessor, and it's a bit more personal than simply adopting a similar name. 

Owners Carly Thorne, Jesse Hughes, Corey Durand and Eiko Anderson were joking around one day about buying up their old coffee shop hangout — Brickyard Grounds — that had recently closed. 

"We were thinking only in our dreams could we do it," Thorne says. "But then Eiko decided to email the old owners out of sheer curiosity, and the next thing you know, we've all jumped in — two feet first.

Like many spots in the neighbourhood, the bistro wears many hats, functioning as a mix of businesses.

"What we have is a beautifully designed and cozy coffee shop during the day, featuring light eats, with a dinner service in the evening featuring French-style comfort food."

By day, its baristas sling coffees and pastries and, at night its dinner menu of French comfort food takes the stage with dishes of veal sweetbreads, escargot and charcuterie. 

Brickyard Bistro has a curated wine program that showcases some of the best Ontario is producing, and the restaurant offers a 2 oz. pour on most selections so you can mix and match or try a flight. A roster of local craft beers and signature cocktails is also available. 

Brickyard Bistro is slated to launch weekend brunch service in June. For now, it's open Monday-Saturday during the day and until 10 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday for dinner service.

Brickyard Bistro is located at 1289 Gerrard St. E. Visit for more info.