Beaches bakery Moo Milk Bar closing up shop

Moo Milk Bar

After three years on Queen East, Moo Milk Bar is closing up shop. The hip Beaches bakery was popular for its made-from-scratch cookies and flavoured milk.

Moo Milk Bar posted the unfortunate news to its social accounts with the announcement that it will remain open only until it sells out of its baked treats and will be shutting its doors for good by Friday Dec. 18.

The shop is unable to take orders or send deliveries moving forward, but will be open for walk-ins. Whether you were a regular or had never been into the milk-and-cookies joint, now is the time to say your last goodbyes and go home with a bag of baked treats.

The following is the statement posted by Moo Milk Bar to Instagram and Facebook:

"We are very sorry to inform you that we'll be closing the doors to Moo Milk Bar. Even in this sad time, there are still many people to thank. Thank you to our employees who have worked their butts off. Thank you all out there for being such incredible customers. A special thank you to those who wrote good (and bad) reviews. We appreciate every one of you. Moo will remain open this week until we sell out (likely by Friday). We have a limited offering of flavours and products. We'll be unable to take orders and send out deliveries, so get your bum over here! Thank you all again and look for us in the future!"

The shop is located at 1918A Queen St. E. Visit Moo Milk Bar's website for more info.