Coming soon: Barre3

Photo:  Barre3

Photo: Barre3

Barre3 is set to open its second Toronto studio on Queen East in Leslievile.

The Portland, Oregon-based company has expanded like wildfire since 2008 with over 130 locations across North America and beyond.

The boutique classes — a fast-paced mixture of equal parts ballet barre, yoga and pilates — targets the whole body for lean muscles, a strong core and postural benefits.

Their part of a rising trend in personal workouts that feel more like follow the leader rather than drudgery on a treadmill.

Barre3 certified instructors are encouraged to bring their own spin to each class and attendees are taught how to modify movements and express their individuality.

Franchises are also encouraged to give their own studios a unique personality, including decor, playlists, amenities, and more.

The Leslieville location will have a children's play lounge to keep kids entertained while parents are getting in a workout. 

Barre3 Leslieville is set to open at 1383 Queen St. East. near Greenwood. Visit its website for more information.