An Sibin Pub closes after four years at Queen and Broadview

Photo:  An Sibin Pub

Photo: An Sibin Pub

An Sibin Pub has announced it has closed its doors for good effective immediately.

The four-year-old Irish pub, which has been a fixture at the corner of Queen and Broadview since taking over the space from The Real Jerk, posted a note about the closure on its website and social media accounts

In the note, An Sibin Pub cites unreasonable rent coupled with multiple increases as the reasons for calling it quits. Read the full note below:

It is with a very heavy heart that we have to say goodbye to all of our staff and friends, we have become such a big happy, dysfunctional family and we miss you all so much already. We are very sorry for the lack of notice on our part but it honestly came down to last minute decision on fri so we really did not know ourselves. Due to unreasonable and many rent increases it would have been a huge risk to move forward and with families to look out for we just couldn't take it. We will miss all you crazy feckers that helped make our days and nights so enjoyable and hope to see ye all around the neighbourhood. No plans for the future right now but if we decide to go on a crazy venture again we'll let ye know. Thank you all for the support and laughs ye've given us over the years.

The pub was listed for sale in September for $325,000, though it's unclear if the business was sold.