Give a record, take a record with Vinyl Swap Box

  Photo:  Matt Durant

Photo: Matt Durant

Give a record, take a record — vinyl fans in Toronto's east end have a new hotspot through which to trade and discover records. 

The Vinyl Swap Box hangs outside the studio of Leslieville artist Matt Durant, who came up with the idea for the free-trade music crate. In the spirit of Free Little Library, it's a chance to swap out your well-loved records for some new-to-you ones.

"I hope that people enjoy treasure hunting for new music through it, but I also hope they will help plant some seeds of music discovery for others through thoughtful donations, too," Durant says. "I've already seen some local musicians place their own music there through vinyl and cassettes; I didn't think of that at first but I'm thrilled to see it happening."

The Vinyl Swap Box is meant to inspire neighbourly interaction, turn folks on to undiscovered records and promote local musicians. As for etiquette, there aren't really any rules short of common sensibilities. 

"Don't wreck the box, close the lid after you dig and think about donating if you are taking often enough — who wants to be thought of as greedy anyway?"

Durant says the response has been fantastic.  

"It's motivating to want to choose interesting goodies to plant in the box," he says. "I've even started to make notes on some of the covers as to why a certain record might have another lesser-known level of interest. Maybe it was recorded in Massey Hall, or there is an infamous story about a show that was played in the Toronto, or the artist used to live in the area."

The Vinyl Swap Box is located at 1401 Queen Street East. Follow along for fresh arrivals on Instagram

YOGAthletix moving into new Corktown studio on King East

  Photo:  Yogathletix

Photo: Yogathletix


New address, new schedule, new classes and new equipment — it's a fresh start for YOGAthletix

An east end staple since 2012, the boutique yoga and fitness studio is moving into a new location on King East in Corktown. 

Opening March 1, the studio space will offer different styles of yoga and and high-energy interval fitness programs including BarreFit.


YOGAthletix will have two new program additions which include a fast-paced, high intensity (HIIT) conditioning circuit program called GETnRIP’D and a therapeutic recovery class using foam rolling and deep stretching techniques called Roll & Relax.

The studio is on the ground floor of 573 King St. E, just west of River St. where King and Queen intersect. Bonus is that the space is in the same building as Impact Kitchen so grabbing a healthy post-workout bite will be convenient. 

All classes are free from March 1-4 so drop in and get ready to sweat and smile with them.

YOGAthletix is also hosting an open house on April 7 from 12 p.m. - 3 p.m. for an afternoon of snacks, beverages, demo classes, contests and prizes including a 1-year membership (valued at over $2,000). 

To book a class or learn more, visit