Waxon Waxbar

waxon waxbar queen st east

Waxon, wax off! If you're looking to have a pro take care of pesky hairs in unwanted places, you'd be smart to get your furry self to Waxon Waxbar, a new wax-only specialist on Queen St. E in Riverside. 

One of four locations in the city, the space is bright and ultramodern with a serene aroma that lulls you into a false sense of security — forgetting what you’re actually there for. This is no afternoon at the spa, Waxon's friendly staff, known as waxologists, get the job done quick and (mostly) pain-free. It's enjoyable, in-and-out experience makes the shop a convenient place to smooth out the body. And who wants to prolong the waxing experience anyway?  

waxon waxbar

Waxon Waxbar certainly isn’t the only game in the 'hood, there is some healthy competition when it comes to those vying to tame your unruly hairs. But what sets them apart is their uber-focused approach — waxing is all they do, and they've perfected the service. This concentration has allowed them to develop advanced techniques customized to each person’s needs. 

Waxon's a-la-carte menu runs the gamut of services for both women and men, offering a combination of all-natural hard and soft waxes suitable for even the most stubborn and sensitive skin types. It's not all about pain for fuzz-free gain. Their rates are super reasonable, actually the best you'll find this side of the Don. Below the belt, choose between cheekily named services like "The Braziliant," removing all hair for $43, "The Bikini In-Betweeny," removal of outside the thong panty line and between the cheeks for $33 and "Le Propre Derriere," which takes care of the bum in its entirety for $25. On the face, a "Brow Neat & Tidy" costs just $14. Guys can get manscaping done with "The Speedo" grooming for $45 or "The Divider," which conquers the unibrow for $8.

waxon waxbar

Since summer is coming and you’re going to want to bare those bits, Waxon’s latest promotion "Spring into Summer" gives you a free $15 gift card. If you’re a regular waxer looking for a long-term commitment, consider a membership. "Wax to the Max" allows you to purchase your service of choice and receive unlimited waxing for a year. 

Can't-miss: Putting the bar in Waxon Waxbar, score 15 per cent off all services during happy hour every Monday and Tuesday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

766 Queen St. E