The Frame Maker

It goes without saying that art adds colour and vitality to any decor and helps to create a rich atmosphere, but many people wouldn’t think of the frame around a piece of art as art itself. 

Inside The Frame Maker, owner Alexis Forti uses mounting and matting materials to bring art to life, squaring up frames as crafted as the paintings and photographs it borders.

Art, photographs and all manner of wall-hung creations, Forti takes an old-school, detailed approach to his trade. After all, it's a talent he's been honing for over 30 years, and as a certified picture framer, it's a distinguished professional merit that sets the shop apart. It's an obscure job to be sure, but there's something very important about a sophisticated skill that preserves a a cherished hanging object while complementing its visual charm. 

Frames are used to support and showcase, and enhance a work of art aesthetically, Forti says, as well as to protect it from dirt, dust and handling, while maintaining a controlled setting essential for the life of the piece.

The Frame Maker offers a near endless selection of colours, textures and sizes, which are custom-built to accentuate any piece of artwork or photograph from cheap posters to valued heirlooms demanding of museum quality framing.

1171 Queen St. E