Bill Hicks Bar

bill hicks

Thatched tiki meets dive den in this miniscule, second-story Queen Street bar posthumously named after legendary comic Bill Hicks. Cheap booze, way-back playlists and the occasional welcome shot poured by the ever-friendly owner, Teddy, are some of the jovial hallmarks that have made this spot a dedicated local amongst Leslievillians since opening last December. On busy nights, there's a doorman with what could possibly be the greatest handlebar moustache ever. This reason alone makes Bill Hicks Bar worthy of a pit stop.

bill hicks bar

The walls of Bill Hicks are entirely plastered in album covers and vinyl spanning eras of rock, funk and soul, which provide a backdrop for gazing and sparking up conversations with others cozied up to the bar. Overall, the space is tight, as in, reminiscent of your first apartment out of your parent’s place. Yet therein lies its charm. Its intimate layout is perfect for those who want to chat with neighbours and strangers alike, including Teddy, who plays host the entire evening. At the back is a smaller space set up like a living room with a few places to sit and an old school PacMan table. 

bill hicks bar

The interesting decor is topped only by the bar’s cheap selection of booze. Let’s just say that it’s tough to break the bank here. PBRs and Jager shots are a meagre $3, and prices rise only incrementally from there. Make no mistake, this is a beer-and-shots bar, so don’t expect to be poured craft beer or complicated cocktails.

Signature: $3 Jager shots out of appropriately sized red Solo cups

946 Queen St. East