Sully's Sandwich Kitchen

Another storefront breathing new life into the Gerrard strip , Sully's Sandwich Kitchen specializes in — you guessed it — sandwiches. The menu is short and sweet, yet judging by the number of customers already lining up at the shop's counter, the focus on quality over quantity seems to be working for owner Michael "Sully" Sullivan, also of Hotel Le Germain's Victor Restaurant.

sully's sandwich kitchen

Dedicated to "consciously crafted food," Sully's sandwich creations are made using naturally raised meats and ingredients made in-house. There are six sandwich options — highlights include a porchetta, shrimp po' boy, and all-day breakfast sandwich — in and around the $8 range, along with fries, a salad and a daily feature. Each choice is wholly different from the next, but it's the sumptious, pillowy bun that perhaps deserves the most credit for making these sandwiches popular.

sully's sandwich kitchen

The space itself is about the size of a shoe box with the focus being on takeout. For those who simply cannot wait to dive into the messy goodness, there is a long wooden communal table for six as well as window seating at the front of the shop. 

Signature: Shrimp po' boy — tempura shrimp, southern slaw, romaine, tomato and creole aioli. 'Nuff said.

821 Gerrard St. E.