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Social Media Essentials for Makers & Creative Indiepreneurs

Are you a Maker or Creative Indiepreneur wanting to use social media to help grow your business, but feel a bit overwhelmed? Or maybe you've experimented a little, but need help figuring out how to consistently engage with your community? Even if you sort of have a handle on social media, you might benefit from discussing strategy with an established maker & social media manager who legitimately understands your type of independent business and how these digital tools can help you promote yourself.
This introductory workshop will show you how to connect with potential clients, fellow creatives & influencers via 3 key platforms (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram) in a way that feels authentic vs. sales-y and also triggers growth.

Social media essentials will be covered that are specifically useful to crafters, designers, indie retailers and creative freelancers/entrepreneurs, including useful resources, shortcuts & tips. This will be a small group and there will be dedicated time for your questions. All you need to participate is a smartphone (& an appetite for social)...


- What differentiates the platforms & which ones best suit your business
- Getting Started: Who to follow, what to tweet/post & why (The 80/20 Rule)
- Best Practices/Online Etiquette
- Hashtags & IG Challenges that will help grow your following
- The power of strong Visuals (& how to create/find them for free)
- Designing a schedule (pacing, seasonality, banking & automation)
- Networking with authenticity
- Events, Contests & Collaborations

COST: $49 + HST ($6.37) → $55.37